Canning- What to do with all those tomatoes…

Megan from Bite Size Megan is here to share her canning adventures with us to help with other ways to save some money and figure out what to do with those gardens that will explode any day ;-).  Megan is a SAHM to 2 little  boys who enjoys her garden and couponing along with her sewing , and cooking projects !  Make sure you check her out at Bite Size Megan!

Last year I planted 14 tomato plants. So basically I had a lot way too many tomatoes.

A lot as in this is only a small part of what I had. So it was time to break out the canner and start canning some sauce!

First go ahead and cut out the stems of the tomatoes and questionable bits. You don’t have to, but I usually cut an X into the bottom to make the next step a little easier.
Get some water bowling, just enough to cover the tomatoes. Boil a few at a time for about 30-45 seconds. You’ll start to see the skin start to peel.
Throw those suckers into bowl of ice water. This will stop the cooking process and help the skins peel off easier. From here you just start getting all those skins off.
 This next step is really personal preference. You can leave the tomatoes whole, you can cube them up or you can do like I did and make a sauce. A very simple one at that.
Start by cutting the tomatoes into 4ths and removing much of the liquid. This will help reduce your cooking time. Set your heat to medium high and bring to a boil. After that set to simmer and cook until desired thickness. Mine was reduced about half.
Get that canner boiling! Ive got about 3 inches of water in there. While you’re waiting for that to boil, get a smaller pan and start boiling your lids.


Confusing picture time. Apparently I took pictures of tomato chunks I did the second time around instead of the sauce. But hey, you can get the idea. For pint jars add 1 tbs of lemon juice. For quarts go ahead and add 2 tbs. Why lemon juice? Tomatoes are a very low acidic food and if the acidity is not brought up by the highly acidic lemon juice, it can lead to botulism. And that’s not fun.
If your doing whole tomatoes or chunks pack the tomatoes in. You can fill the empty space with hot water or hot tomato juice. I used tomato juice as it just kind of looks better. But either is fine. Fill to about 1/2 inch head space from the top of the jar. Wipe the tops of the jars to remove any moisture and place on your lids and bands. Tighten the bands but be sure not not overly tighten them.
Now for the canner! The first time I used this thing I was totally paranoid I was going to blow up my house with it. I think I read the instructions over again about 20 times to make sure I was doing it correctly. But don’t really, they’re not really that scary. Yours may work differently so do refer to your manual.
Place the lid on and after about 10 minutes your going to see steam coming out the top. This means the canner is filling up with steam. Once you see the steam coming out place the weight on. In a few minutes the weight should start to wiggle. Picture me staring intently at the canner. Once its starts wiggling set your timer to 10 minutes.
10 minutes is up! Turn off the heat and let the canner cool down on its own. Apparently if you tried to open it now this is where it might blow up your house. (I kid, but seriously let it cool down on its own and don’t try to open it.) Once it’s cooled remove the jars and let them sit over night to cool down. When you touch the top of the jars they shouldn’t “pop”. If they do it means they didn’t seal correctly. If that happens just put it in your fridge to use later (or freeze it!).


My Favorite Catholic You Tube Videos

I just want to take a minute to share a couple of my favorite Catholic videos with y’all!

This first one is one I saw the first night of RCIA and I just love!

And  this second one is the Chaplet Of Divine Mercy put to music by Matt Gill and his Wife,  Matt is the director of rebellious education at out parish.  This is by far my favorite prayer to do with my rosary and David loves it too!  He asks to do it at night while laying with mom :-) .  The first time I prayed it was for one of or priests whose mother had just passed away.  It was the first time I held a rosary and felt like I was home!  So I hope y’all Enjoy!

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The best part is if you pick an item priced $9.95, you will score it completely free with free shipping after your credit and the 50% off promo code! There are tons of items priced at $9.95 so you should definitely be able to find something you like!

Make sure to act quickly because these promos rarely last long!

Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinets


Are you thinking of updating the kitchen this summer?  Check out how simply changing your cabinet colors can make the world of difference!

Working in a dull kitchen puts off the women! Thus, it is very important to have a nice and
vibrant color kitchen. If you are also bored of your existing kitchen, then begin by remodeling
the kitchen cabinets. It is the easiest way to brighten up the kitchen décor.

Choosing the right color for the kitchen cabinets is tough and tricky as they are focal point of
your kitchen. Not only do the cabinets need to be in sync with the rest of the house’s color/
decor theme, they also need to be warm- bright colored. They can neither be funky nor dull.
Here are some sure shot color choices that you can rely on. They will lend a classy stylish feel to your kitchen.

• Blue: Blue kitchens are quite in these days. They go really well with a white theme in
the house. Washed blue cabinets give your kitchen a very cozy feel. There is a range to
choose from- from sky blue to brighter blues. These shades also gel well with cream and
yellowish themes in the house.

• Red: Red color cabinets can look very classy with some balanced lighting and a light
– colored background. Black furniture and white crockery pieces will add elegance to
the red colored cabinets. And this can really enhance your overall home improvement
project. Try and look for good online deals at They have a range of
coupons to choose from for the well known home furnishing stores.

• White: White never goes out of style. It also blends well with both traditional and
contemporary themes. Especially antique white complements wooden floor settings
quite well. They can be combined with blue, buttery yellow, black as well as red or pink
color themes. Although, one must remember that white cabinets demand much more
maintenance careful handling.

• Sage: Sage is for those who want a calm, composed and yet casual setting for their
kitchen. Sage cabinets demand very carefully selected kitchen fittings to give the kitchen
the peaceful vibes. You can really enjoy early morning breakfast in a sage backdrop,
especially if you have big windows in your kitchen. Since wood tones also go very well
with sage, you could try a range of wooden options for your kitchen table.

You could also go for a green kitchen in which case you will have buttery yellow, white and
beige as your kitchen cabinet color options. This combination can be a real hit for those who
have an attached kitchen garden.

5 Minute Friday (Greatful)


Photo Credit: Look At My Happy Rainbow

Yeah, yeah I am late with it again…

So this week we are grateful,that once again reminds me of the Scotty Mccreery Song “Dirty Dishes” the whole point is to be grateful for what we have at home, dishes piled high because we have food in our belly because Dad is working late.  Toys all around because we have happy healthy kids.

I know that I have so much to be grateful for, my loving husband who will bathe a cat and bake cookies while I am at work, on top of caring for our beautiful happy son while I sleep & work.  A job so that we can have that family day at the zoo and a roof over our heads.

As I am switching over too a Erin Condren Life Planner and will take time each day to write one thing that I am greatful for.  giving me something to look back on when I am feeling as though  there is nothing  positive going on, come one we all know we have times where it is like really what else can go wrong.

Tonight, I am grateful for my loving husband who is at home with mini man!

Five Minute Friday

Answer Me This

Ok trying another link up :-)

1. Are you becoming your mother?


I see the resemblance ( although she is 19 in this picture and I am 28 now) , and I know that there are many traits i get from her, my love of cooking and crafting.  But I still like to think that I am an individual my own as well.

2. Coffee or tea?

Ummm both, I love Iced tea in the afternoon and evening, but can’t start my day with out a cup of coffee.  I am one of those I have my certain cup for my coffee and it must be a big one!  Last week Kevin was asking why I had an “M” on my cup and I told him David picked it out its “M” for mom,  a couple of weeks ago David broke my favorite coffee cup :-( .

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?

Taken from my amazon wish list, I love and dream of going to Pairs some day, so France it is.   But we also talk about Spain as Kevin’s Great Great Grand Parents are from there and Australia looks really neat!

4. Do you cry easily? 

Yes, I am a sap!  I cry at stuff on TV all the time and after Gray’s Anatomy  each week,  I sneak in David’s room to snuggle and kiss him, as I am reminded how lucky I am to have a healthy little boy!

5. How often do you wear heels?

Ummmm like never, I actually have a bad knee with a permanent disability rating.  Just before I turned 16 I tore the track of my patella, and am missing cartilage, the years of walking slightly different as a result have started to make my other knee and hips ache.  But hey I love wedges and make those work!  At 5’5 I like a little extra height from time to time!

6. Do you play an instrument?

In school I played many, including the alto sax, barry sax, flute, bells, chime, xylophone, and I tried the trombone.  Kevin got me a guitar but I have never really learned to play it, and he played the alto sax in school as well and still has his, so I have pulled it out a few  times :-) .   David thinks I am funny when I do because I just play scales because I have them memorized, I haven’t read music in years and couldn’t if I wanted to LOL.

I am linked up with Kendra over at Catholic All Year!

Five Minute Friday (Mess)


Ok so I know I can’t be the only one who feels they are going to have a panic attack when the house starts to look like this.  Truth of it is I know I should be grateful as it means I have a healthy happy child, and that God has blessed me.  But lately it just seems like it is David’s job in life to create new messes that I never imagined he could.  Ie:  needing to wash his sheets because he felt the need to draw on them with pink chalk…   As an older sister to 4 boys I should know better than to have white sheets on my nearly 3 year olds bed, but hey Aunty Em had some to give us when he needed to move to a twin so they were free!  I just had not planned on extra laundry to wash that day.


I am working hard to remember the Scotty Mccreery Song “Dirty Dishes” each and every time that I start to panic about the state of the house.  Some day I will learn to let the messes go and just go on with the day as planned and realize  that eventually it will all get taken care of!


Considering that I am late getting to this post and tomorrow David will be 3, I find it fitting to end with this!


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Five Minute Friday

7 Quick Takes

Ok so I have never done this we will see how I do…





1. So earlier this week I told y’all that I would be taking the blog in a new direction… Well the look is live! yep I still have all the coupon basics, however the old dead deals are GONE!  I will be sharing more into our daily lives and faith, don’t worry my recipes and DIY projects will still be coming along with the challenges from Money Saving Mom.





wpid-20140429_093942.jpg wpid-20140429_095410.jpg








2. Little guy will be celebrating his 3rd birthday on monday and since we had such fantastic whether this week,  he was surprised with early birthday gifts.  Monday we took a trip down to Toys R Us and he got to pick out a bike from mom and dad.  However grandma’s gift stole the show, he loves his Hotwheels Jeep!  We ended up having to get the floor model as they did not have one for over 150 miles and there was no way that David was leaving with out his jeep.  Although when we go home he still asked for his Corvette, Grandma say’s his hair isn’t gray enough for one ;-).








3.Wednesday we took a trip to the zoo for the first time in a while and David spent the rest of the day telling me “Rar, meow…” yeah he loved the animals and his first carousel ride.




4.  Our busy week of course included picking up some items for David’s birthday although he had been telling us he wanted a “Buzz” party when we got to the store he choose something completely different… BubbleGuppiesTitlecard.png

Although he is insisting that I make cake pops still, not that simple but I did a test batch a few of weeks ago and they were a hit!  The big plus is t hat I know I can get the Candy Melts in that light blue color!

5. I launched a new division of David’s Mommy this week as Faith Based Mommy my Etsy shop!  Yes that is right I am branching out!  I will still offer coupon classes, but I love to make Rosaries, so we are starting off small with a few pieces that I have created and I will be branching into bracelets as well as chaplets. wpid-img_218688289427093.jpeg wpid-img_218671653224002.jpeg








6.  I got to spend some sweet time last night with David as he finally held a phone conversation!  he normally clams up and runs the other way if I put it on speaker.  Last night he finally held a real conversation with Grandma!  Though I think he is going to end up calling her Nana because he always sees a cat on my phone when I am talking with her.




7. We searched while I was pregnant with David until he needed a high chair for a nice wooden one, and we came up empty, I wamted a nice one that was classic.  well I found this today for $3 at a yard sale when just driving by on my way home from CVS, (still couponing :-) ) Kevin will be fixing it up, so that when we are ready for our next kiddo it will be here and ready!  David wanted to bring it in and use it.



7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about your awesomeness, saints working through Youtube, and me buying you a banana suit

This is linked up with Conversion Diary!  Make sure you check out her new book Something Other Than God, I know I cant wait to after seeing the video last night!

Stacking at Target (Reader Questions)

I have had a couple of reader questions this morning… I addressed them on Facebook but thought it would good to be able to find them later on so here they are!

Ok so I was just asked about stacking at Target so to clarify here. You can stack a Target Q (from an insert, mobile or IP) with a manufacturer’s coupon with Cartwheel, with a Red Card if you have one. Also If you have a Pharmacy Reward it can be added on to this.

So if you are using the $10 off of $50 grocery q you may use it with the Target coupon for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (found on their website) with the manufacturer’s one from this past weekend, with Cartwheel.





This particular Target mobile questions has 14 offers attached to it. As you can see I have used a few of them already. But I can still use it for the yogurt. Each offer attached to it can be used once.

10 Weekly Goals

Ok so it has been a few weeks since I have written a Goal oriented post.  So here we go!  I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me.  This week on Thursday (April 10th  We will be having our Convalidation Ceremony at church (Our marriage blessed) and The following Saturday is my Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion :-D,  then we have easter and this is David’s first one that mommy will be home for :-D

So as we draw close on the season of Lent I want to continue to grow in prayer and contine to study the scriptures more.

We are in a new month and I really want to join Money Saving Mom for the rest of the year in her 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge.   I am working to get more ecercise in and I am trying my best to drink more water.   This month I am going to avoid juice, instead of sugar as I have an issue with drinking too much of it at work…

So let us look at my goals for  this week now!

Household Goals

  • Follow  Daily Docket and Cleaning routines.
  • Test cake pop recipe for David’s birthday.

Personal Goals

  • Read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.
  • Take time for myself for a haircut.  ( I don’t recall when the last time I had one :-o)
  • Exercise 3 times this week.
  • Count my carbs all week on MFP.
  • In bed by 10:30pm and up by 6:00am each day.

Marriage & Family Goals

  • Write Kevin a love note.

Blog  Goals

  • 7 Day Challenge with Money Saving Mom On Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode. ( I really NEED to do this)
  • Update the Meal Planning page
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