2014 Savings Challenges

Many of you have seen the savings challenge floating around online I am sure, well this year we hope to complete 2 of them; one for us and one for David.  We will be using our Capital One 360 high interest accounts online to do so!

So for us we will put in $1.00 for each week of the year so week 1 we did $1.00 and week 2 is $2.00 & so on.  The break down can be found here!  David’s follows the same model but with quarters so week one was $0.25 and week 2 $0.50 the break down on it can be found here!

Some people like to work it backwards as well so that less comes out towards Christmas and there are other ways to do it with kids using dimes as well

Check back with us at the end of the year to find out how we did!  Happy Savings!

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