IUD Nightmare

I don’t normally write a ton about my personal life other than goals and updates with those.  However this week we had a  bit of a health scare with me.

Back in September I picked up a book “Beginning Apologetics 5” for our mom’s group at Church  before Mass one morning. I sat in the pew flipping though and began an almost 4 month battle over a choice I made over 2 years before after David was born. This was all before I had decided to convert to Catholicism. I had an IUD and now was learning so much more about what it was. With the help and guidance of several people in out perish I had it removed today, but it wasn’t as simple as I hoped it would have been.

I know that God was giving me the information because he knew the time was right and my heart and mind would be open to receive it.

I have decided to convert to  Catholicism and with that I am looking at life very differently, I had began to have a lot of guilt over the birth control that we chose after David was born, Mirena ( A IUD with progestogen- The intrauterine device with progestogen is a hormonal intrauterine device classified as a long-acting reversible contraceptive method. It is one of the most effective forms of birth control. Wikipedia).  I have learned how it truly works in more ways than I knew and  didn’t realize that my body was basically self aborting each month because the egg could still become fertilized but not implant with where the IUD sits, I believe life begins at conception. Along with this  of this I was having other issues as well, I gained about 20 pounds since having it put in, went from enough milk for triplets to David being on JUST formula.  And lets not forget the cramping I have had for almost 2 years.

So, I discussed this with Kevin and as a couple we made the decision to have my IUD removed and begin using the Creighton Model of Natural Family Planning until we decide we are ready for baby number 2!

I went in on Tuesday morning to have the IUD removed, a very simple procedure that normally takes just a few minutes.  Well she couldn’t  find my strings. I immediately broke down because I had recently done so much research over the past few weeks about this particular IUD and knew that this meant that it could be embedded in my uterus or even punctured though my uterus. These 2 issues would require surgery to take care of the problem.  I also knew that it could mean that we may not be able have more children on our own.  This all hit me very hard. We talked for a few minutes and believe that it shifted late winter/early spring of 2012 so almost 2 years now.  The Nurse Practitioner I was seeing immediately began making calls to my Creighton Practitioner to figure out where we could go from there, she was very supportive both spiritually as well as emotionally.  I made the call to Kevin to sort of fill him in but knew he was at work and didn’t want to get into  too much detail.   I texted my great friends who are very supportive of me and my recent journey for some emotional support because there wasn’t much that my loving husband could do from work.  Oh the icing on the cake was that all of this happened on my 28th birthday.

When I got home Emma had decorated the house with streamers I had left out to put up in the attic later that were left from David’s birthday last year (been cleaning out some closets this new year to become more organized),  David was running around pointing saying “Party, party, Mom’s party.”  But  all I could do is cry because I was so afraid that this could be the end of us thinking of expanding our family with out adoption of foster children.   Emma baked a cake, and Kevin made me my favorite dinner but I could’t bring myself to eat any of it.   I felt so depressed and upset all I wanted to do was lay in my bed and cry.  Some of you personally know me and know that I am not one to lay around unless I am truly sick or have worked all night and am sleeping.

Later that day I got a call with some information of a local OBGYN who was going to see me this week, and the information I needed to call him and set up an appointment.  I called and took the earliest appointment they could get for me today (Friday the 10th) at 10:30 am.  They told me that he can usually get them with a special tiny hook, if it isn’t embedded or caused other issues.

I got some rest that night, woke up feeling a bit better and went about my day, met with my Creighton Practitioner and got the information I needed to begin that and was told they had some things set up already in case I was going to need minor sugary to have the IUD removed.

Thursday I spent time with my little dude and caught up around the house and  on my coupons.   I still felt down and was worried what I would find out the next morning but was trying to remain calm because David had picked up on my anxiety and it was really affecting him.

This morning I woke up on edge and nervous as all could be, was some what shaky and sick to my stomach. I checked in with friends and was reassured that they were all praying for the best outcome. Headed out to the doctor and met a great one at that! He came in spoke with me and left so I could get ready to hopefully end this nightmare.

I hate going to the OBGYN to begin with because I always find it uncomfortable, however this was way worse they ended up having to use the small hook to get a hold of the IUD to remove it, I cried and yelled owe a few times. The doctor was great and offered to stop but I just wanted it out and him to continue as long as he wasn’t meeting any resistance.  Finally it was out he helped me sit up and told me they would bring me some Ibuprofen.

I still am crampy this evening but expect it to resolve tomorrow.  I am writing this to bring to your attention that though these all seem so great there are true risks and side effects with them.  I had concerns when I went to have it put in and was reassure by my doctor at the time that this was in my best interest and wouldn’t affect my milk supply.  We are taught to trust our medical providers but we have to be our best advocate because only we truly know our bodies.

If anyone were to ask me now would I recommend any form of conventional birth control I would say NO!  Especially not an IUD!  The more I have discussed this, over this past week with other women the more I hear of other having issues with the Mirena!  I am just glad that God put the right people in my life to help me in taking care of all of this quickly and safely and to support me in a time where I really needed it!

I will continue to update y’all with how I am doing now that it is out in the coming weeks, I am really hoping that I will begin to lose some weight soon!

Also if you have an IUD and your doctor like mine told you not to worry about checking your strings I would either look into it or look in to seeing the doctor to have them checked, because had I been doing that we may have known sooner  that my IUD was missing!


  1. I have one in mine is non hormonal. I do know the risks and my Dr made sure I was well informed. I can not take hormonal birth control so this was the best option for me. My Dr also checks my IUD every 6 months. I am sorry that it happened to you. Your Dr definitely should have stayed on top of it knowing the risks. I’m glad everything turned out OK.

    • Just stay on top of it! And know there are other non hormonal birth control options that are safe and effective. I had no insurance so having it checked wasn’t an option I called at one point to see about having it removed and they wanted $240!

  2. Hi Nicole! I just linked over from the Seton Moms Facebook page and wanted to tell you so how excited I am for you! What a wonderful way to practice your faith and embrace your vocation! :-) Your guardian angel must just be beaming right now. So happy for you guys.

    • Thank you! I wish all of it could have been prevented but as I said God knew when the time was right and put the right people in my life to guide us.

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