7 Quick Takes

Ok so I have never done this we will see how I do…





1. So earlier this week I told y’all that I would be taking the blog in a new direction… Well the look is live! yep I still have all the coupon basics, however the old dead deals are GONE!  I will be sharing more into our daily lives and faith, don’t worry my recipes and DIY projects will still be coming along with the challenges from Money Saving Mom.





wpid-20140429_093942.jpg wpid-20140429_095410.jpg








2. Little guy will be celebrating his 3rd birthday on monday and since we had such fantastic whether this week,  he was surprised with early birthday gifts.  Monday we took a trip down to Toys R Us and he got to pick out a bike from mom and dad.  However grandma’s gift stole the show, he loves his Hotwheels Jeep!  We ended up having to get the floor model as they did not have one for over 150 miles and there was no way that David was leaving with out his jeep.  Although when we go home he still asked for his Corvette, Grandma say’s his hair isn’t gray enough for one ;-).








3.Wednesday we took a trip to the zoo for the first time in a while and David spent the rest of the day telling me “Rar, meow…” yeah he loved the animals and his first carousel ride.




4.  Our busy week of course included picking up some items for David’s birthday although he had been telling us he wanted a “Buzz” party when we got to the store he choose something completely different… BubbleGuppiesTitlecard.png

Although he is insisting that I make cake pops still, not that simple but I did a test batch a few of weeks ago and they were a hit!  The big plus is t hat I know I can get the Candy Melts in that light blue color!

5. I launched a new division of David’s Mommy this week as Faith Based Mommy my Etsy shop!  Yes that is right I am branching out!  I will still offer coupon classes, but I love to make Rosaries, so we are starting off small with a few pieces that I have created and I will be branching into bracelets as well as chaplets. wpid-img_218688289427093.jpeg wpid-img_218671653224002.jpeg








6.  I got to spend some sweet time last night with David as he finally held a phone conversation!  he normally clams up and runs the other way if I put it on speaker.  Last night he finally held a real conversation with Grandma!  Though I think he is going to end up calling her Nana because he always sees a cat on my phone when I am talking with her.




7. We searched while I was pregnant with David until he needed a high chair for a nice wooden one, and we came up empty, I wamted a nice one that was classic.  well I found this today for $3 at a yard sale when just driving by on my way home from CVS, (still couponing :-) ) Kevin will be fixing it up, so that when we are ready for our next kiddo it will be here and ready!  David wanted to bring it in and use it.



7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about your awesomeness, saints working through Youtube, and me buying you a banana suit

This is linked up with Conversion Diary!  Make sure you check out her new book Something Other Than God, I know I cant wait to after seeing the video last night!


  1. What a lucky birthday boy!! So jealous of your wooden high chair find!

    • We literally didn’t buy one till we needed one with David because we wanted a wooden one. I want a piece I don’t mind hanging on to for years to come so it’s there for family events ect. With a wooden one it will fit my decor!

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