Five Minute Friday (Mess)


Ok so I know I can’t be the only one who feels they are going to have a panic attack when the house starts to look like this.  Truth of it is I know I should be grateful as it means I have a healthy happy child, and that God has blessed me.  But lately it just seems like it is David’s job in life to create new messes that I never imagined he could.  Ie:  needing to wash his sheets because he felt the need to draw on them with pink chalk…   As an older sister to 4 boys I should know better than to have white sheets on my nearly 3 year olds bed, but hey Aunty Em had some to give us when he needed to move to a twin so they were free!  I just had not planned on extra laundry to wash that day.


I am working hard to remember the Scotty Mccreery Song “Dirty Dishes” each and every time that I start to panic about the state of the house.  Some day I will learn to let the messes go and just go on with the day as planned and realize  that eventually it will all get taken care of!


Considering that I am late getting to this post and tomorrow David will be 3, I find it fitting to end with this!


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6 Responses to Five Minute Friday (Mess)

  • Hello David’s mommy.
    As a mum of 3 girls I identify with your thoughts, but as 2 of my 3 girls have grown up and left home, I can only say ‘Enjoy the mess’!
    The day will come all too soon when you have no children at home, and will miss that mess.
    I am almost glad that my youngest daughter makes enough mess for 3 !

    • I’m working on it, I am a bit ocd on this its hard to ignore the mess some days and many there are 5 new ones when I finish cleaning up 1.

  • I love that last quote: “…it’s custom designed by a three year old”! Thanks for the peek into your daily life. I also loved listening to Scotty McCreery’s song. I’ve never heard it! I’m new to country music, as my daughter has started listening to it! Where have I been?!

  • Love the picture at the end. My children are older now, but I remember it well when their mess seemed to take over the entire house. Now it is mainly but not always confined to their rooms – that said on a Monday morning I still always need to ‘De-Weekend’ the house. Stick with it and enjoy the precious time, they grow up very quickly.

    • I work a 12 hour shift over night Friday and Saturday and sometimes a 6 hour one Sunday evening. What is it with I had the house spotless before I left and come Monday morning it needs all of it all over again?

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