My Favorite Catholic You Tube Videos

I just want to take a minute to share a couple of my favorite Catholic videos with y’all!

This first one is one I saw the first night of RCIA and I just love!

And  this second one is the Chaplet Of Divine Mercy put to music by Matt Gill and his Wife,  Matt is the director of rebellious education at out parish.  This is by far my favorite prayer to do with my rosary and David loves it too!  He asks to do it at night while laying with mom :-) .  The first time I prayed it was for one of or priests whose mother had just passed away.  It was the first time I held a rosary and felt like I was home!  So I hope y’all Enjoy!

And this last one really just makes you stop and think what do you want to see!


  1. Our faith is such a treasury of beauty! Thanks for sharing these videos. My parish houses the shrine to St. Faustina in our diocese.

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